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    Cinemagraph GIFs are beautiful animated GIFs that combine a still image with a single moving element. It’s no surprise that classic movies provide the perfect canvas from which to create cinemagraph GIFs. And so for your viewing pleasure, our thirty favorite gorgeous movie cinemagraph GIFs:



  7. 23 super creative repurposed items




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    Sea Monsters!

    I like maps; no secret there. In fact, on the wall of my bedroom, facing me as I type, is a copy of…

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  11. New Zealand Sea Monster Probably A… (di The Young Turks)


  12. Inner thighs are a problem area for a lot of women. This move can help tone that harder-to-work area while giving your abs a workout at the same time. You’ll definitely feel it the next day, says Pop Pilates founder Cassey Ho, who uses it in on her Blogilates YouTube channel.

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    Where can I get one of those? 0_o

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  15. DJ Tomtomindamix - Should I miss You (Rolling Stones vs The Clash)